Yahoo Partners with Twitter for Real-Time Social Feeds

Monday, March 1st, 2010

While Google and Bing have already taken the first steps toward using Twitter feeds in the SERPs, Yahoo has now followed suit but with greater integration, better results, and increased functionality of real time search!  The idea behind the scenes at  Integrate both real world (current) happenings in social media with life on the web.  Overall, it’s the main priority of Yahoo to give it’s users the ability to find personally relevant experiences online by combining social media and the world wide web.

A personalized approach to search–Yahoo now allows users to access their personal Twitter feeds from Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Sports and more.  The integration of this new function will allow users to easily update their Twitter status and share Yahoo content.  Additionally, the Yahoo index will now include updates from Twitter feeds making real time search just another common feature on the web.

The addition of Twitter feeds in the Yahoo SERPs is the latest in how Yahoo, Bing and Google are now bringing real time results to us–and personalizing the user experience via the search functions that these major engines offer.

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