Why Your Marketing Efforts Aren’t Working

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Effective marketing doesn’t come with a one size fits all solution and it definitely isn’t effective if when you don’t stay up to date with your efforts.  Unfortunately, many business professionals like to think that you can just get the marketing strategy in place and let it take off without having to worry about what’s going on with it for months or even a year or more at a time—this couldn’t be more wrong!  Effective marketing efforts require diligence, time and of course constant updates to assure that everything is working in your favor.

The Number One Reason Your Marketing Efforts Fail is Because You Don’t Follow Up with the Strategy!

You cannot set a marketing strategy and then simply forget about it—it doesn’t work, it will not work and even if there are some results from it you will not be maximizing your results and ultimately the effort will be a waste.  It’s important that you constantly analyze the marketing and the return that such efforts are bringing.  When you notice that things aren’t working out the way they should or that leads have plateaued, it’s time to tweak the strategy or come up with a whole new strategy all together.

If you’re not measuring your marketing and the strategies that you are using, then how do you know if it is working?  Analytics should become your go to guide for a better understanding of how effective your marketing efforts are.  If you aren’t familiar with analytics, it’s time to get familiar and start using the tools that are available to you.   Advantage Media can help you install analytics on your website, develop a marketing plan and even review the marketing efforts with you to assure that your marketing strategy is effective.

Another reasons that many marketing efforts for businesses fail is because time is wasted on useless marketing.  While you may think that the next big thing is this social network or that one, the true test is whether or not the marketing that you do on these networks actually pays off.  If you are spending hours of your time each week interacting on a social network but you aren’t getting any qualified leads from the time that is spent then it’s time to change the strategy or move on all together.  It’s important that you spend your time wisely and this includes making sure that the time you spend in social media is providing you an acceptable ROI.

For more information about the various ways that you should be marketing your business online or for help coming up with an effective marketing strategy, contact Advantage Media today.  We can help you develop effective marketing campaigns including PPC, email campaigns, and content strategies that will effectively increase your internet presence, generate leads and increase your ROI.

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