Top Features of a Custom Content Management System

Friday, July 16th, 2010

A content management system is designed to manage all aspects of content implementation into a website. Prior to custom content management systems, website changes and content additions were time consuming and costly requiring the help of a developer every time changes were to be made to the site. Custom content management systems redefine how website content is updated, distributed and published on a website.

A custom content management system helps the website administrator to generate new web pages within the site and even defines the layout and presentation of each new page that is created. The result – new pages on a website are easy to create, easy to publish and integrate seamlessly with the previous layouts, structure and design. A custom content management system can drastically lower the cost of future website changes by allowing the administrator to freely alter the site and make additions as desired.

Custom content management systems can employ a number of features from very basic to the most complex. Most commonly, content management systems are used to publish and manage news, special announcements, customer profiles, articles, links, products and product details but a custom content management system can be designed and implemented to manage nearly any type of content desired by the website administrator.

Custom content management systems allow the administrator to maintain heightened security on a website, help to reduce duplicate content problems, and make for simple creation and management of a few web pages or a thousands web pages. A custom CMS can even employ special search engine optimization features that allow the website administrator to update Meta data for each web page with ease. Even forums can be installed and maintained from a CMS. The opportunities are virtually endless when it comes to custom content management system features.

Advantage Media can build a custom content management system that suits the needs of any type of website. Whether it’s a few pages or a few thousand pages that need to be easily managed, updated, or changed, a custom content management system designed by Advantage Media makes web publishing simple even for the most novice user.

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