The Secret to Web Development is Beyond Design

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Any web development company will tell you that there’s more to an online venture than just good web design. Web development embarks a journey through design, usability, marketing and more to render a website that functions as intended and ultimately provides an excellent ROI. So, if you are ever confronted with a web development company that tells you that website design is everything, turn around and walk away! Here’s a look at some secrets to web development that go far beyond the point of website design:

User Friendliness: A website that is designed with user friendliness in mind will assure that the visitors to your website (the users) will keep coming back. Usability assures that visitors can interact with a website and that they can reach the ultimate final destination (conversions). User friendliness and usability is where web design is very important.

Marketing: All the best designs in the world won’t get your website anywhere if nobody ever sees it. Any full service web development company should also offer professional marketing options to help you get your website seen by thousands. Without marketing, even a professionally developed website will likely have very little traffic and ultimate few conversions.

SEO: Increasing your online presence is vital to the success of a website. There are many factors to consider in SEO and there are some factors that should be considered for SEO during the development phase of a website. A professional web development company will assure that your website is optimized from the start to increase your online presence and ultimately deliver high traffic volumes. SEO, when done correctly, offers some of the greatest ROI for a website.

Content: Quality content that attracts visitors to your site, keeps them around and ultimately converts them to buy your products or services is vital to the success of your online venture. A professional web development company should have a solid structure and foundation for developing content for your website and for placing the content where it will be most beneficial to the visitor and ultimately to the performance of the website.

Website development goes far beyond the initial design. The success of an online venture is dependent on the hard work and efforts that are taken to lead the venture in the right direction. A professional web development company can help your website become a lasting success in the industry.

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