Social Media Marketing Myths Exposed

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Whether you are a heavy supporter of social media or not the fact is, social media is here to stay so it’s time to get on track. Some of the ways that you can make the most for your business online include leveraging social media to your advantage and of course knowing what NOT to do with social media. There are some myths to social media that should first be debunked to assure that your efforts are worthwhile and that they are effective.

Before you focus on making improvements to your social media campaign, let’s set a few things straight—Not everyone needs social media marketing, it’s not easy and not just anyone will succeed at social media marketing. Don’t let yourself fall victim to any one of these social media myths because if you do, no matter how hard you focus on making improvements, you’re going to be left in the dust picking up the pieces of your campaign unless you fully understand how important social media is (or isn’t) for your business, how difficult it will be to develop and manage an effective social media campaign and also who is going to handle the responsibility for you.

Social Media is NOT for Everyone

You may have heard from a colleague, friend or family member that social media is everything, that you have to have it and that you will fail without it—WRONG! Social media is not for everyone and it is not an absolute necessary part of every corporation’s marketing mix. If you are considering kicking off a social media campaign or you have already started social media marketing and want to make improvements, consider whether or not it is even a necessary part of your company’s marketing mix at all. Are your target audience members even using social networks? If they aren’t then social media is not for your business. You may also find that social media is not going to provide your the return that you are looking for or that the time spent will not be worthwhile—but you won’t know any of this if you just dive right in.

If You think Social Media is Easy—Think Again

While it may look easy when you watch other social media marketers shine on Twitter, Facebook or FourSquare the fact is, social media marketing is NOT Easy and if you think it is—you should think again. Social media may be easy when it comes to meeting up with friends and family members or finding your highschool classmates on Facebook, when it comes to creating, managing and accommodating an effective social media campaign for a corporation that drives results and boosts business it’s more than just meeting up with old friends online. Social media takes strategy, team efforts and resources. Additionally, you’ll have to have a way to measure the success of your social media campaign and in most cases this will not be a matter of counting followers or friends but rather a matter of measuring the ROI of the campaign, determining how many new sales were made as a result of the campaign or otherwise being able to monitor what’s happening as a direct result of the social media campaign. Most likely you’ll need an expert to do all this–

Not Everyone Can DO Social Media Marketing

If you think that social media marketing is something you can funnel down the line to your hourly worker or your intern who just started a few weeks ago, think again. Social media is an expertise and building a group of followers or friends in the social world that will actually benefit the company and your efforts takes more than just time, it takes skill. Don’t let your business’s social media marketing campaign fail just because you fall victim to the many myths of social media.

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