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In the past, companies needed to invest large amounts of money to make themselves visible to the public through television, radio and print media. In today's market, those media are on the decline while the Internet is on the incline. This shift means your company now has the opportunity to use its own website and social networking sites to make its presence known.


One way businesses can draw traffic to their website is to blog about their opinions and important industry news. Blogging facilitates site 'stickiness' and keeps your company top of mind when visitors are ready to buy. Search engines like websites with content that is frequently updated and since blogs can be easily updated, they can help boost your site's ranking. You can read and subscribe to our blog by clicking here:

Twitter Feed

As defined by Wikipedia:
"Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service which enables its users to send and read other users' updates (known as ‘tweets')."
Updates are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to others who have signed up to receive them. Twitter offers an ongoing means of engagement with the public– it gets people talking about your products/services, and you can use this to your advantage to create a buzz about your offerings. People can follow your company on Twitter and right on your website. Check out our Twitter feed to see how this works:

Facebook or MySpace Application/Page

You can leverage social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to gain online traction. Customized applications can be integrated to facilitate discussion between members, or you can construct your own page to create a fan base of your company. Examples of applications include feeds, events, video, discussion boards and reviews. With members numbering in the hundreds of millions, these sites have the power to create a viral effect in promoting your company and brand.

  • Click Here For Facebook Page – Apple
  • Click Here For MySpace Page – Starbucks
  • Click Here For MySpace Page – Aquafina
YouTube Hosted Video

We can insert video player into your website so that visitors can play the video without leaving. Since the video can also be viewed on the YouTube site, it will also help your search engine ranking. People can voice their thoughts/opinions by rating and commenting on your video. This is highly valuable market research at no cost to you! Check out our President Charles McCoy, talking about a bounced check from Lehman Brothers:

Social Bookmarking

Users can store links to web pages as bookmarks using tools like Digg and Delicious to organize the vast amount of information on the Web. People can share the information they find, along with their opinions, with their friends. By integrating tools like Digg and Delicious into your site, you can get people talking about you and even encourage a viral spread of your site's content.
We have bookmarked our site and can do something similar for yours. Click the "share" link here to see what happens:


Why limit yourself to sending photos/images one by one via email, when you can post all images in one place, on Flickr? Photos are tagged so they come up for search engines, and millions of users can comment and rate them. We will link Flickr to your site, allowing visitors to view the slideshow without leaving your site. You can view our slideshow or check out our Flickr profile

Geo Social Networking

As defined by Wikipedia:
"Geo social networking is social networking in which geographic services and capabilities such as geocoding and geotagging are used to enable additional social dynamics."
In many online communities, it is as important to know where someone is as it is to know their background and interests. This feature can be used to connect a network of people with a similar passion or problem. It can be integrated into your social networking website, or embedded into your blog where you can make recommendations about a variety of topics such as restaurants, travel and shopping.

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