Save Time and Money with a Custom CMS

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Although a custom designed content management system may cost additional money upfront, a company can expect to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run just by investing upfront in a custom content management system.  Advantage Media web development professionals can work with your company to build a custom content management system (CMS) that will meet and exceed your immediate and long term website needs.

How a CMS Saves Time and Money

By having a CMS you can save time and money in a number of ways.  First, you won’t have to call a web developer to create a new page for your website, add content or make updates to existing content.  This alone will save valuable time and tons of money.  Rather than wait for a time when the developer has a chance to get to your minor site changes or updates, you can make them as soon as you are thinking about them with a CMS.

A content management system as designed and integrated into your website by Advantage Media provides point-and-click content creation that eliminates the worry of messing up any of the code.  Instead of needing a developer to make these changes or additions for you, you simply login to the CMS and begin content creation.  A custom CMS can make adding or changing content to a website fast and simple—in fact, it’s just like making a change to a standard word document.

If your interested in more than just adding, editing or deleting content on a website, a CMS can also be custom designed to provide a range of additional website functions on the fly such as distributing newsletters, tracking email campaigns, and implementing SEO characteristics such as meta tags, titles and descriptions for each individual page you add.

It’s time to stop paying for a web developer to make everyday changes to your business website.  A custom content management system designed by Advantage Media can help you leverage technology to create dynamic website content quickly and easily saving you valuable time and money.  To learn more about how a CMS can help you to eliminate maintenance fees and create dynamic content on the fly, give Advantage Media a call at 1 (800) 372-9565

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