Questions to Ask your Web Developer

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Generally, a web developer will work with you through all the technical details that surround the design and launch of a website.   Some web developers will help you with marketing, content and various other aspects of the website and post launch a good web development company can even help with search engine rankings.  Here’s a list of some questions you should ask your web developer prior to choosing the final person to handle those technical details of your website.

Can you explain to me what web standards are and how you meet them?

It’s important that you find a web developer that understands the standards of the web.  Web standards are the guidelines that are used to create websites that will work with most browsers.  If your web developer cannot explain web standards to you and how they accommodate a variety of different browsers then you may want to consider a different web development company for the project.

How do you ensure accessibility?

Accessibility is one of the major factors that will contribute to the success (or failure) of your website so it’s important that your web developer will be able to explain to you how they will ensure that your site is made accessible to visitors.  Look for an answer that shows they have researched the topic, are familiar with the need for accessibility and solid usability and have a plan in place to assure your site is user friendly.

How can you help me to save money by automating operations pertaining to site updates and other changes?

Not all web developers will have the answer but some should be able to give you some quick ideas as to how they can help by building a site that will automate several routine business tasks which will ultimately save you time.  If you will have extensive content, consider a web development company that can incorporate a custom CMS that will help you to build additional web pages and add content on the fly.  Find a web developer who will provide you with a plan of action to keep routine operations minimal whenever possible.

Will you help with marketing and if so how?

Look for a web development company that not only can build you a website but can also help with the marketing.  A web development company that knows SEO can provide some great benefits by building a site with SEO in mind.  If your web developer doesn’t have some answers for you in terms of the future of the site, there’s a chance that they don’t know anything about the marketing or SEO which can mean you will do double the work in the end because the site may be poorly designed meaning SEO will have to start from scratch.

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