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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Brand name, recognition and superiority will all attract visitors to a site but nothing keeps the visitors around longer and attracts more visitors to a site than quality web design. So what is quality web design and where does one find it?

Quality web design is appealing to the human eye. Visual appeal isn’t everything but it’s the starting point for a quality design. If the eyes aren’t happy with the web design, then chances are the user won’t stick around. First impressions are everything and the best web designs are visually pleasing. This means no crazy scrolling text, flashing images or otherwise distracting items should appear on the screen.

Another extremely important feature of quality web design is navigation and user friendliness. Once users find a site they have to be able to navigate the site in order to find what they are looking for. If a user comes to a website and is unable to find what they want in a couple of clicks they will quickly push the back button and instantly, that user is lost forever! Users are traffic and traffic is money so quality web design must focus on usability.

Finding a Qualified Web Designer

Advantage Media specializes in web design that is user friendly and visually appealing. Creativity goes a long way but this creativity must be combined with technical skills in website development in order for a web design to succeed and Advantage Media understands the importance of creativity, technical ability and of course a bit of programming. That’s why Advantage Media leads the way in quality web design that increases traffic and also keeps users coming back.

Creative design and web development expertise combine for a final product that exceeds the expectations of the client. Advantage Media web design services include flash animation, banners, logo design, and more. For effective web design that draws traffic and increases ROI, Advantage Media web design services are unparalleled and can’t be beat.

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