Making Your Website an Asset Rather Than an Expense

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Do you feel like your website is more of an expense than it is an asset lately? Your business website may be costing you more money than it’s making you if you haven’t invested properly in the site. If your business website is not helping to increase your brand reputation, build customer following and increase leads than you may view your business website as more of an expense than you do an asset. Luckily, there are ways to change this outlook and to make your website work for you.

A website is similar to a piece of property. If you sell shoes in a shoe store, you would want than the retail term “location, location, location” probably sounds familiar. Now that you want to sell shoes online you must consider the same phrase in choosing a URL or domain name. Your domain is potentially your piece of land online. How your domain is structured to sit within the search engines (your location in search) can have a very huge impact on the number of sales or conversions that you make.

Now, you wouldn’t let your shoes remain unorganized and out of place in a brick and mortar store would you? Of course not! The same should be true in your business website and yet many business owners allow their sites to remain “unorganized” or essentially “dirty.” Structuring and organizing your business website is just like organizing and arranging your shoe store. Many factors come into play here including the look of the site, the layout, the ability for customers to find what they are looking for and also to find answers to the questions that they have.

Just like advertising offline such as in magazines, newspapers or on billboards, you will have to advertise your location (URL) on the web. In order to gain maximum visitor potential you can’t just expect that people will know where to find you. Maybe you do have the prime location (URL) but there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t know how to find you. Part of making your business website an asset rather than an expense is marketing your site through various avenues to assure that people can find your site.

What would you sell your business for? Your business website is a partition of your business and should be worth just as much to you. If you don’t think that your business website is worth nearly as much as your business is as a whole then your website is not performing properly for you. Just as businesses sell for a lot of money, websites sell for a lot of money too. Your business website should directly reflect the value of your business.

Need Help Turning Your Business Website into an Asset?

Advantage Media can help you turn your business website around. From redesigns to upkeep, SEO and marketing, Advantage Media offers a range of services that are aimed at helping businesses use their websites to grow business exponentially. Leveraging design and technology to build an effective internet presence, Advantage Media web development services can effectively change a dull or poorly performing website into a profound business asset increasing the value of both your business and your domain.

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