Leveraging Content in Light of the Panda Update

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Is your website content ready for another Panda Update? If you didn’t notice any major changes in traffic or page views after the last Google Panda Update that came early in the year then chances are you are a your content won’t suffer the wrath of a future update but if you were one of the 11% of websites that saw a significant decrease in rank earlier this year as a result of the update then it’s time to take control and figure out where you went wrong.

Face it, Google only wants to give it’s users what they are looking for which is why these updates and algorithm changes come. It’s a way for Google to weed out the millions of sites that are on the web providing dull, copied or otherwise irrelevant content to it’s users. Google is a business too—they are in the business to provide searchers with a quality user experience, they are in the business to provide searchers with quality search engine results that help them get to the bottom of their questions and they are in the business to provide searchers with the most valuable list of links to content that they possibly can.

How does Google do it? They make updates similar to the recent Panda update that aim to provide the best content in the top of the SERPs. So, if you have a website that suffered significant loss in rank as a result of the recent updates made by Google, it’s time to get prepared and focus on how you can prevent such an occurrence from happening again in the future. It’s time to review the content that is on your site and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this content relevant to the site?
  • Is this content a good read?
  • Are there typos (this includes misspelling a keyword on purpose in an effort to gain traffic for the misspelling)
  • Is the keyword used tastefully and only when necessary? If the keyword wasn’t used in a particular heading or sentence would the sentence or heading still be just as compelling?
  • Does this content answer a question and provide what the end user is searching for?

Don’t be biased, if the content isn’t good, it isn’t spelled right, it isn’t answering a question that needs an answer or answering a question in a way that hasn’t been done before then the content isn’t going to perform well in search. Here are some steps you can take to make sure that your website content won’t set you back in the SERPs with the next Google update:

Make the content intriguing, answer a question and provide something that isn’t offered on 1,000 other sites on the web. Google, and searchers, are looking for information and they want unique information that is to the point, makes sense, clearly written and easy to find. You can control all of this by doing some research, proof reading content (hint: use answer the questions above when proofing) and using keywords effectively.

Don’t over optimize content. The days of content that is written specifically for search have been gradually coming to an end. Yes, years ago we could write a page that stuffed a keyword over and over again and this made sense to the search engines to rank highly for that keyword—those days are gone! In today’s ever changing search world, website content must be written for the end user with a few subtle hints for the search engines. If your content is written just for Google there’s a chance it will never rank. Think about your visitors and who they are when you write every piece of content for your site.

Finally, keep adding content but only when the content is relevant, unique and clearly written. You can’t just add a few paragraphs to your site once a month or so—this won’t do. Keep coming up with fresh ideas for content and find new ways to provide information to your audience. The more highly targeted content that you can write that is of high quality and that answers questions your audience may have, the more chances you will have to outrank any changes in the current or future Panda updates.

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