Keys to Memorable Business Website Design

Monday, July 18th, 2011

A business website is the perfect way to showcase your brand throughout the web and to build recognition but only when the website gives visitors what they are looking for.  Creating a memorable business website that will stick in the customer’s mind takes time and skill.  So, you’ve got the visitors, the traffic keeps increasing to your site but now what?  How do you assure that the visitors  who come to your business website will remember your brand?

It’s All in the Design!

First things first, you have to establish your business goals and determine how those goals can be further accomplished through your website.  Once you have determined what your website NEEDS to do, you can begin working with a website designer to get the site READY to do those things.  This may be to increase opt-ins, deliver a brand message, capture leads, etc.

Standing Out in a Saturated World

Your brand may stand out in your community but how does it place on the web?  The world of the internet is so saturated that standing out against the competition can be very difficult. Your website design should help your brand to stand out by including a logo, slogan, mission statement and of course appropriate colors and graphics.  Consider the target market that you are trying to reach when coming up with a design for the website and also consider the colors (and their meanings) to assure that all aspects of the design will be appropriate to your current and future marketing plans.

Who Are You on the Web?

It can’t be stated enough that a business website is WHO you are the web.  Make sure that you are conveying your brand’s position by providing a comfortable and exciting experience for users.  Consider the content that is provided on your website as well as how you can help the end user.  Images and design aspects should convey the importance of your brand and should relate to the overall message and tone of the site and the business itself.

To create a memory for the user, consider adding customer testimonials, corporate photos and additional information about the business that the user would not be able to find just anywhere.  Let visitors share their experience with your company and products and increase social sharing to further promote the company online.

Don’t Forget a Call to Action

Let’s not forget why we are here!  Every business website is created for a purpose, usually to increase conversions in some way.  Your website design and the effectiveness of the website will suffer greatly if there is not a clear call to action.  Good, and memorable website design will include strategically placed calls to action in areas of the site that are most frequented by your visitors.

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