Is it Time for a Website Redesign?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Depending on the how long it’s been since your website first launched and also on what factors were taken into consideration when your website was developed you may or may not need to opt for a complete website redesign.  Typically, websites are ever changing, always improving and always growing but for some, that little piece of property (the URL) just sits and goes unnoticed after it has been initially launched.  So, is it time for a complete website redesign?  If you didn’t implement some SEO into the initial design then the answer is yes!  If you haven’t made any changes in more than a year, it’s time!  If you aren’t getting the traffic you want or your conversions are not as high as you would like them to be then again, the answer is yes!

When Was Your Website Designed?

If your website was designed in the 90s then it’s definitely time for a complete website redesign.  Face it, websites that looked great in the 90s are not carrying the same weight today.  It’s time for a redesign if your website is old, outdated or hasn’t been changed in a few years.  Search engines and visitors appreciate some subtle change so even if your website is rather new it may be time to make some small changes such as content updates.

Is Your Website Designed on Flash?

There was once a time when Flash was the greatest thing ever to hit the web but those days are gone.  Websites that are designed completely in Flash will have to be completely redesigned if you ever want the search engines to be able to index the content of the site.  Search engines can’t read Flash so if you’ve got an entire website that is designed in Flash, you’ll want to opt for a complete redesign as soon as possible.  Don’t worry though, just because you give up Flash doesn’t mean you have to give up the effects that are showcased in your current website.  Many of the same effects can be created using Javascript and JQuery  and your website will still be legible in search engines.

Does Your Website Contain Frames?

Frames are quickly being deprecated and therefore many browsers already do not support frames and pretty soon many more will opt not to support such code.  If your website contains frames, you are also causing your search engine rankings to suffer because frames cannot be read by search engines.  If your website contains frames it may be time for a redesign or at least for a few of the pages (those which contain frames) to be redesigned.

Is Your Website Getting the Traffic and Conversions that you Want?

Be realistic, if you aren’t a large scale company or don’t have a world renowned product then you may not ever enjoy traffic numbers in the tens of thousands or higher each month but that doesn’t mean that you can’t attain a high traffic rank that is backed by conversions.  If you aren’t getting the traffic and conversions that you would like from your website, consider a website redesign to get things moving in the right direction.  Websites don’t just have to be redesigned because they are outdated or have coding issues, conversions are also a very important reason for a change in website design.

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