How Web Design and Internet Marketing Work Together

Friday, August 19th, 2011

While there are many companies out there that only specialize in web design or only specialize in internet marketing, here at Advantage Media we realize that web design and internet marketing happen to go hand in hand with one another.  From the very first designs that we build on through the extensive branding and marketing of a site, we are looking at how the two go together.  In fact, web design and internet marketing work together so well that we focus on both from start to finish no matter how big or small a project is.

Like other forms of marketing such as offline marketing, branding is one of the primary purposes and the design of a website is just one way of extending a brand online.  Your website design is there to prove that you ARE better than the competition, that you ARE what you say you are and that you ARE important on the web.  People develop  a first impression of your brand by viewing your website so it’s important that the design holds up to the scrutiny of the visitor.  The design of a site must be absolutely impeccable before pushing traffic to it so this is just one of the ways that internet marketing and web design happen to work together.

Additionally, a properly designed site is built to accommodate and convert visitors into sales.  So, while you may not think of the website design as the primary reason why a visitor turns into a repeat customer, the initial first impression of the website may be what makes the visitor come back and do some more research about your brand, review your products or services more thoroughly and ultimately make a purchase decision in your favor—the primary goal of internet marketing.

Finally, while internet marketing is there to direct the visitors to your site in hopes of converting them into customers, the design of the site is what will make or break the deal.  So, from the beginning, the website design must be planned out and implemented to assure that visitors ultimately turn into paying customers.  Advantage Media not only make sure that a site is well designed, we assure that websites are designed with conversions in mind from start to finish so that once internet marketing does begin, the site performs well and visitors ultimately turn into happy customers.

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