Google Adds Facebook Fan Pages to Real Time Search

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Google has been implementing some major changes in the way that pages throughout the web (and the type of pages throughout the web) are indexed in it’s SERPs and the addition of Facebook Fan Pages is just the latest!  Expanding real time search features, Google is now indexing comments, status updates, links, photos and videos that are shared via the more than 3 million Facebook Fan pages.  What this means for SEO?  It’s just the beginning of a time when the number of people (aka, Fans) that we network with will have an impact on the SERPs.

Previously, Google has implemented the real time search function that indexes Twitter tweets, Myspace updates, FriendFeed info, and Google Buzz.  The addition of Facebook Fans pages to the search index will increase the exposure that business, celebrities and brands can gain from their Facebook usage.  While not all comments will be indexed from these pages (only those by the owner of the page will get indexed in Google) it’s a huge step toward the increased need for businesses to apply social networking via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and the like to their marketing mix!

While Google isn’t the first to begin using Facebook comments in the real time search (Bing has access to all user comments and status updates on Facebook), Google is the first to actually index the Facebook status updates in real time.  Bing’s feature is not functioning yet so the way Facebook status updates will really effect SERPs is yet to be seen.  However, one thing is certain–Businesses should update those fan pages, post status updates regularly, and keep on building those social media profiles!

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