Good Web Design, Essential to All Online Properties

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

If you’ve spent even a few minutes browsing the web then you already know that there are literally endless ways to design a website, so what is a good web design? Good web design is essential to any online property but with so many options available and so many possibilities, coming up with a good web design can leave you feeling lost.

Here’s a look at the basic elements that you should consider when designing your own website or when working with a professional web development company to come up with a design for you:


Have you ever gone to a website and had difficulty finding what you are looking for? Couldn’t seem to navigate it appropriately for what the website is about? The navigation should be easy to use for the intended visitor of the website. Navigation will take many forms depending on the intended user of the website. Most importantly, if people can’t find what they are looking for when they visit your site then they likely will not stick around long enough to convert.

Ask your web design company about the navigation options and how your website’s navigation will accommodate your visitors. Good web design will provide a navigational structure that is easy to follow and will allow visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.


Consider the colors that go into good web design. You may like bold colors or bright hues, the right set of colors will make for a good web design. You should consider background colors that do not conflict with other colors on the page such as text colors, link colors and the colors that are used within other images. A good web design will attract the visitor and keep them reading without pushing them away because of conflicting colors or colors that are too loud.


Once you have decided how to formulate the navigation of the website and you have decided on a potential color scheme then you can begin working on a layout. The layout of the website or each individual web page will take into consideration many different functional areas. For instance, you need to determine where you will have images, where you will place text and whether you will have advertisements on the site. Typically, the basic layout from page to page should be similar but the pages do not (and should not) have to be complete duplicates of one another.

Your web development company will talk with you about the various layout options that are available to you. When you contact a web development company to begin working on a web design for you you’ll need to be prepare to discuss your content plans as well as your potential plans for images within the site. This will help them to formulate a layout for the web site and for each individual page.

Need a Good Web Design?

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