Establishing Website Goals

Friday, November 19th, 2010

If you are thinking about starting a business website amongst the millions of other websites on the internet then you must already be wondering how you can make your site stand out in the crowd. There’s literally millions of new websites created and indexed in Google every single day, some will be your competitors and millions of others won’t but the fact of the matter is, your business website must achieve your business goals in order to provide you with a rewarding experience. Amidst all of the other websites that are being indexed by search engines it’s important that you focus on your business goals when establishing goals for your website, at this early stage of website development nothing else truly matters…yet.

What are your website goals?

Your website goals are going to vary greatly based on the type of business or industry that you are in. For instance, the way that you define conversions will be quite different if you are selling clothing versus if you are building leads. The goals of your website for a clothing store may be to help the visitor find the clothing that fits them easily and quickly. Sounds easy right? Think about the various options that can go into this process though…you may have sizing charts, color samples, a virtual model, etc. However, if you are building leads for a company then the goals of your website may include making sure that you visitors can fill out a lead form on every page of the site. You aren’t going to build many leads if the lead form is only on one page and is never seen again. In determining the goals of the website make sure that you customers understand your website goals too.

What elements of your business should be offered online?

Certain business elements may not be feasible to offer online. For instance, if you are selling food products, of course you can’t offer taste testing online the way you would in your market (not yet anyway). However, you could offer small sample orders of your most purchased food items so that your website visitors have the ability to purchase small versions of an item before making a larger commitment. Again, this all has to do with the goals of your business and your website. If you are trying to make an impression and increase the sale of one particular product than you may consider offering an “online only” special in which customers can get deep discounts for making an online purchase.

Providing a Positive User Experience

Ultimately, the goal of your website should be to provide a positive user experience. It may be necessary to test and retest how you do this over time. Remember that your visitors will only become customers if they can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. If a visitor has to search for something too long they are likely to back out and attempt to find a site where they can find what they are looking for easier…you just lost a customer!

Think about how your business goals and the goals of your website can be implemented in a manner that will provide the best possible user experience. Review the sites of your competitors and determine what they are lacking in terms of user experience, there may be a void that you can easily fill on your site in which you will have an almost instant competitive advantage.

Advantage Media can help you in determining how your business goals can be incorporated into your website during the development phases or during a website redesign. For more information on website design, website development and providing a positive user experience, contact Advantage Media today.

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