Don’t Let an Amateur Build Your Website

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Professional web development services are not always all they are cracked up to be. Unfortunately, there are many web development companies out there that will claim to offer you professional website design services but in the end you get a website that was developed by an amateur. You don’t want your website to tell the tale of an amateur web development company so don’t hire an amateur to build it.

Not sure how you can tell if a web development company is totally amateur and doesn’t really know what they are doing when it comes to building professional quality websites? Here’s a look at some of the most recognizable traits of an amateur website development portfolio and what to avoid.


Professional looking websites will not be a barrage of colors. This isn’t kindergarten class where you want to showcase every color from the crayon box. Professional web developers and designers know that colors should coordinate and compliment one another but they should also be kept to a minimum.

Text Alignment

Studies show that the average user (reader) digests content best when it is easily read from left to right. Although it may seem like a good idea to make text on a site look “pretty” by centering it, this actually makes the text less readable by site visitors. Professionally designed websites will not have large blocks of text centered on the page. Headlines and image captions may be centered but otherwise, centering text should be kept to a minimum. If you view a web development company’s portfolio and visualize page after page of centered text—it’s likely the work of an amateur.


Just because we have all those fancy fonts and scripts does not mean that they should all be used on a website. Cluttering the page with many different font faces, sizes or colors only takes away from the actual meaning of the text. Readers are too busy viewing all the different styles and text sizes to actually digest the content that they are reading. A professional web development company will use minimal font styles and sizes to keep the text readable.

A Professionally Designed Website will Not Read Like an Infomercial

Too often, amateur web development companies will make what could be a professionally designed website look like an infomercial. Granted, you want your website to convert (whether conversions are sales, traffic or other) but creating a site that screams infomercial will not convert—unless the site is for an infomercial.

We’ve all heard the term: Content is King! But that doesn’t mean that professionally designed websites will be overloaded with content on every page. A professional web development company will have an understanding of how to break down content into very distinct categories on each individual page so that each page still portrays a message but in a way that is readable and more user friendly.

You want a successful website and it all starts with successful and professional web development. Don’t let an amateur build your website. Use this guide to find a web development company that practices what they preach. Apply the statements above when reviewing the Advantage Media website portfolio and you will see that you have come to the right place for professional web development services.

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