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Friday, December 3rd, 2010

There’s far more to website development than just to throw together a structure that works for the user. In order for the user to find the site and in order for the site to bring in more business it must be designed with SEO in mind. Developing SEO friendly websites takes into account more than just how to assure that the website looks professional and appealing to the human eye. SEO friendly websites must also be appealing to the search engines in order to rapidly increase rankings and increase the online presence of a business.

Developing a website that is attractive to the search engines requires extensive research to determine the best possible market strategy for the site including keywords, linking, and structure. The content of the site is aimed at providing both the visitors and the search engines with something that is not provided by the competition which requires research to determine where openings have been left in the competitor’s content and offering.

For the average user, developing a website that is SEO friendly may seem like a daunting task or it may be completely confusing. After all, why do you need to add all that extra data to the site that you will never really see unless you look at the code anyway? That’s because a site that is designed for maximum search engine rankings has been coded for the search engines while maintaining user friendliness for the average visitor as well. The best way to assure that your business website is designed to be quickly ranked in the search engines is to find a website development company that specializes in search engine marketing and SEO.

Here’s a look at some of the questions you should ask your web development company to assure that they are familiar with designing a website to be SEO friendly and to rank in the search engines:

1. What keywords should be used on the site and how do you determine the relevance or importance of these keywords? Also, how much traffic can I expect if the site ranks for the keywords and what actions will be taken to assure that the site ranks for the keywords?

2. Are the photos and images within the site optimized for search? Have the images been appropriately compressed to assure fast loading for the visitors and the search engines?

3. Will standard font styles be used throughout the website so that there is no risk of the font not being legible in other browsers or by search engines?

4. What other factors do you take into consideration when developing or designing a website for SEO friendliness?

Advantage Media Web Development and SEO

Advantage Media specializes in website design and website development and understands the importance of incorporating SEO during the early stages of design and development of a website. Leveraging the design, technology and marketing options available, Advantage Media can effectively help you build your internet presence.

Innovative website design and development solutions that are client centered for usability and performance assure that every website that is designed at Advantage Media is nothing short of the best. For more information about Advantage Media website development and SEO, contact Advantage Media at 1-800-372-9565 and let an Advantage Media specialist explain how your business website can flourish.

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