Designing a Corporate Blog with SEO in Mind

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Many challenges surround the design of a company blog: what colors should you use, how should it be laid out, what categories and topics should we write about, etc. More importantly, a company blog must be designed with SEO in the forefront in order to maximize on traffic and get the most out of this very important aspect of your business presence online. Designing a company blog with SEO in mind can make a world of difference after launch. Here’s a look at some must haves in blog design:

Appearance is Everything!

Although we are all taught never to judge a book by it’s cover, we all tend to judge a blog immediately. Statistics show that appearance means a lot in the corporate blogging world and if a visitor is not visually pleased with your blog they are more likely to bounce off. Professional blog design can greatly increase pageviews and conversions while reducing the bounce rate.

Navigation and Secondary Navigation

The navigation attributes of a company blog should be optimized to include a flat site structure. Keeping the site architecture as simple as possible assures that visitors use fewer clicks to reach the content they are looking for. It’s also a good idea to include secondary navigation (breadcrumbs) in every company blog. Breadcrumbs are the little crumbs that people (and search engines) will follow to return to their original starting point in the corporate blog. They also help search engines to properly categorize content.

Optimizing Images

Like every other website, a company blog will likely have many images. In fact, every post that you make should include at least one image and it must be optimized. Images should: a) be related to the topic being discussed; b) include alternate text; and c) be original. Like the content that you write about in your corporate blog, the images that you use should also be original and unique to your blog in order to maximize on SEO.

Inbound Linking

It’s important to link to content internally. Often times, a great corporate blog article is posted and then never thought about again which causes this wonderful article to get lost in the shuffle. Instead of forgetting that great article, bring it back to life by linking back to it in the future. SEO best practice is to place the link within text when the link provides a helpful and relevant accompaniment to the current content.

Corporate Blog Design

Advantage Media specializes in corporate blog design and always keeps SEO in the forefront of the design process. From start to finish, your corporate blog speaks for your company online so of course it’s important to have a blog that is professionally designed. Advantage Media can design the perfect layout, navigation structure, logo and public image so that your company blog is yet another way that you put your best foot forward online. For more information, or to get blogging, contact Advantage Media today!

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