Consider These Facts When Creating Content for a Website

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Thanks to the recent Panda update performed by Google many websites have either soared up the ranking ladder or gotten lost in the backlog of sites. Those sites with compelling and original content were well affected by the update which aimed at eliminating poor quality content or duplicate content in SERPs but for the thousands of websites who did not have compelling and original content, the update has proven to be a nightmare.

So, what does Google consider quality content? Although we may never fully know what goes into the algorithm and truly determines where a website ranks in the all mighty search, we have been able to decipher a few pieces of the puzzle. Here’s a look at some thoughts to consider before creating quality content for a website or blog:


Gone are the times that Google allows us to use those misspelled words as a means of driving traffic to a site. If you’re one of those people who have used a common misspelling as one of your target keywords in an effort to get some “easy” traffic then you might have already noticed a negative change in your results. Part of the Panda update is to identify signs that a reader may interpret content as being of poor quality and misspelled words are at the top of the list.

Duplicate Content

As previously stated, the sites who have included compelling and original content have seen the most positive changes since the update. For those who have duplicate content or have redundant content that is used multiple times throughout a lack of quality is seen and therefore the pages are not ranked as well in search. When writing content for a website or blog it’s important that the content be: a) original; b) compelling; c) factual; and d) the content MUST provide some type of information or a view of information that is not already discussed elsewhere.


Apparently users are looking for content that provides a substantial value when compared to other similar pages or pages on similar topics. What this means is that you should consider the value that you are adding to the web when you write each piece of content for a website or blog. Consider asking yourself if the web will be a better place with the addition of the content that you are creating. If the web is already fully saturated with the content you are working on, consider offering your visitors a new and original review, analysis or reporting of the subject rather than writing what is already known. Add value to the web and watch your content climb through the ranks.

Clear, Concise and Complete Topics

Ask yourself if the content that you are writing is clear, concise and complete. If your visitor comes to read up on a topic, will they find EVERYTHING they are looking for or will they have to go elsewhere to search for more? Give your readers what they are looking for and make sure that the article that you present provides a complete description of the topic at hand as well as related references and links to additional information where they can further their reading of the topic.

Website Content Services

Creating compelling internet content is a time consuming process but it can really pay off in the long run. Posting new content that is unique and valuable is an excellent way to build your online presence and also to build the authority of your website on a particular topic. Advantage Media website content services can help you to effectively develop new and compelling content that will drive your website up the traffic ranks into the top of the SERPs. For more information, contact Advantage Media today.

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