Common Misconceptions About Web Designers

Friday, December 17th, 2010

It’s true, web designers are technologically driven people who are constantly on the look out for the next big inspirational design that gets them noticed in the mainstream. Every web development team strives for perfection that is unsurpassed and it all starts with a solid foundation—a good design. Yes, it’s confirmed, web designers work hard to play hard and are always on the look out for the next big thing.

Unfortunately, web designers are also one of the most misinterpreted members of the web development team. Here’s a look at some common misconceptions about web designers that may have you completely in the dark about what it really means to be a web designer.

Anyone Can Be a Web Designer

You may think that web designers are all over the place but there’s a solid difference between being a web designer and being someone who knows a little about website design. The two are actually completely different from one another.

Just because you have a friend who has a friend who knows someone who can use Photoshop does not mean that you have a web designer! Anyone can use Photoshop but not just anyone can design websites with a professional touch. True web designers know why you shouldn’t use dark backgrounds and light text or why it’s terrible to place a flashy design in the primary focal point of the page which dilutes the interest from the primary topic of the page.

Experienced web designers have tons of practice working with all types of clients and on all types of sites so they have a solid understanding of what works (and what doesn’t). To be a professional web designer takes time and practice, it takes commitment to continued education related to all aspects of web design and can not be accomplished with a version of Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Web Designers Are Not Artists

A good web designer has a foundation that is built on the basic concepts of good art design. You can’t just dive in, create one website and call yourself a web designer. A real web designer appreciates art and knows about composition and color choices as well as various other aspects of website design such as fonts and text that is used throughout the page. To be a web designer you must understand how all pieces of the web page come together to create a finished product and only a well educated and experienced web designer will be able to recognize why a font should be changed, a text moved or an image enhanced.

Web Designers Overcharge for What They Do

If you think a web designer is overcharging you for what they are doing, consider this scenario: You pay your friend’s friend of a friend to design your website because they claim to be a “web designer.” You later find out that your website is not appealing to visitors and is not functional and now you have to find a new “web designer” to re-design your entire website. Consider the cost involved now—you already paid for a web designer who didn’t know what they were doing and now you have to pay the cost of a real web designer coming in and doing a redesign. Now, shouldn’t you have considered paying for someone who knew what they were doing in the first place?

Web Designers Aren’t Formally Trained in Anything

Although there are some web designers out there that have not been formally trained in any type of art or design the majority of web designers that make a name for themselves have some type of training. Whether this training is formal such as from technical school or college is questionable but all web designers are trained in something. The best web designers are constantly learning new techniques, languages and ways of the web design world in order to stay up to date with everything that is happening online. Although classroom training may be limited for some web designers, they are all trained in some way be it self taught or taught by co-workers.

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