Choosing Customized Websites Over Template Based Designs

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

It’s very common to see small businesses that use template based designs that are offered as a package deal with their monthly hosting services. Although these are easy to work with and can be a great starting point for a small business to get their website up and running quickly, template based designs do not always offer the best bang for the buck. Unfortunately, the money that is paid for a monthly maintenance fee of a template based design often exceeds the actual cost of having a customized website designed.

Both custom websites and template based designs most often accommodate a CMS, content management system. The CMS is responsible for making content modifications a fast and simple process even for the most inexperienced website user. Unfortunately, many of these hosting based services that include the template based designs charge various maintenance fees just to allow the user access to a CMS that will make it possible for them to make point-and-click changes to their site. A custom website design by Advantage Media is a one time, design that is “sold” to the business owner and can be used forever. What this means is that when you have a custom website built by Advantage Media you can continue to use the design and maintain it on your own without paying monthly maintenance fees.

There are also many other advantages to custom websites over template based designs. Consider this: many template based website designs that are offered as part of a hosting package deal do not offer any type of customization for SEO purposes. Some don’t even show any of the content that is on the website itself which makes it very difficult for search engines to categorize and rank the pages of the site. A custom website designed by Advantage Media can incorporate a range of search engine optimization features that can dramatically increase a business website’s chances of being discovered and subsequently ranked by the search engines.

If you’re looking for a no frills attached solution to get your site up and running quickly, then by all means a template based design could potentially work for you. However, after a year, two years or three years of paying the same fees over and over for a design that doesn’t do any justice you will likely realize that you should have considered a custom design in the first place. If you’re looking for a website that will have all the point-and-click features of a template but you want the added features of originality, no maintenance fees and the ability to be found in search engines, Advantage Media has a custom web design solution for you.

For more information about the custom CMS and web design services offered at Advantage Media or to learn more about how Advantage Media web development can help you get your business website up and rolling quickly and easily, contact Advantage Media today.

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