Choosing a Website Development Company : The Quality Beyond Price

Friday, November 12th, 2010

In a turbulent market where it’s easy to believe that a good price is everything it’s important not to lose focus of what really matters when choosing the best website development company for your project. While it may be tempting to choose the company that comes with the lowest estimate for the project this can prove detrimental if the company you choose does not know exactly what they are doing. A website is the initial contact point for a business’s online presence so beyond price, quality is of utmost importance when choosing a website development company to handle the integration of your business onto the web.

How do you look past that incredibly good price and determine if a website development company is right for your project? What other factors should be considered when choosing a web developer?

Here’s a look at some of the most important things to consider when choosing a web development company to take on the very important task of designing, developing and implementing your business website onto the World Wide Web:

Your website as a tool. Business owners often overlook the true value and plan of a website in the development phase. Your business website is a tool that should perform a particular task or tasks and therefore you have goals and objectives set for you site in advance. A good website development company is going to address all of your business goals and objectives and help you to come up with a site that is going to perform and meet those goals and expectations while staying in line with the strategic plan of your business model.

Knowledge. Not all business owners have a thorough understanding of how to manage a website project which means it’s vital to the success of your business website that you find a web development company that has knowledgeable website developers and designers that can work with you to properly and effectively manage the project. The web development company should be willing to work with you to understand your business goals and to make recommendations for site structure and design based on those goals. Do not assume that your web developer will know your business without first discussing all of this with them and steer clear of a company that is not willing to listen to you when it comes to your business goals and objectives.

One size does not fit all. The size of the website development company should also be considered when choosing the best company for the project. While it may seem beneficial to have a one man army working for you, this can prove detrimental if you are asking that person to take on all tasks associated with the design, development and implementation of your site. In most cases, while one person may be versed in all aspects of the website design and development phases they are usually only an expert on one and therefore their skills may be diluted in the other areas. Likewise, you may think that having a large team working for your is better but this too has it’s downs. Many large website development companies create teams of experts that work together on multiple projects and thus this can result in certain projects seeing reduced productivity as a result of overload.

Ultimately, the website development company that is best for your project will be willing to discuss thoroughly with you the the goals, objectives and strategy of your business and then make suggestions as to the usability and structure of a website before giving you a final estimate of the design or development cost. Before choosing a website development company, make sure that you have taken the time to evaluate the offering, the proposal and the price in great detail. The investment you make now can make or break the online success of your business.

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