Are You Spending Enough Time on Social Media Marketing? Most Executives Are Not!

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Social media marketing has gained ground in the past few years and is now a highly recognized part of the marketing community; that is for some but statistics show that the majority of business executives do not spend enough time on social media and are in fact losing out on some significant marketing opportunities as a result of this. Emarketer estimates that as many as 80% of all major companies who employ at least 100 workers do use social networks or will begin to this year but an alarmingly high number of executives are not on the social media marketing bandwagon.

The importance of social media marketing and having a crafted social media strategy have become a vital part of the marketing mix. Where the 4 P’s were once the major concern (Product, Price, Promotion and Place), there’s a new player on the field and it’s Social Media. While many business executives do believe in the importance of social media marketing, the majority of them have not taken full control of implementing a social media strategy at this point. In fact, most do not place social media on the top of their priority list despite a thorough understanding of it’s importance.

Most business executives will agree that their social media strategy efforts are below the curve and some will even go as far as saying that social media strategy is not only unnecessary, it’s not on the upcoming to do list at all. How can this be? In a world where social media has infiltrated the market and millions of people are already on the bandwagon—how could a business executive possible state that social media is “unnecessary?”

For a business to remain in front of the curve, ahead of the competition, is vital to their overall success so why would any business choose not to do so in the digital world? Social media marketing is not expected to go anywhere any time soon; that is except for up. Spending is up, network usage is up, advertising efforts are up, and the importance of a social media marketing strategy is now more vital than ever. So what is your business doing to implement a social media strategy, build followers, increase likes and embark on the social media bandwagon?– and are you doing enough?

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