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About Advantage Media

Informing, Entertaining, and Captivating

Advantage Media specializes in website design, website development, e-commerce platforms, content management systems, flash animation, and information architecture. Advantage Media will help your organization leverage design, technology and marketing to create an effective Internet presence.

Advantage Media owns and operates a portfolio of generic domain names and corresponding web sites. Our domains and websites are located by internet users via direct navigation and search engines. This form of traffic has been found to contain the most highly qualified web site traffic possible.

Advantage Media’s goal is to build each of our web sites into great web businesses that solve visitors’ problems and to complete various interwoven networks of related sites. Sites are currently at various levels of development: from advertising gateways to full-blown content sites. We continually review and adjust our sites to make sure they are relevant, simple and most importantly, profitable.

As Internet usage continues to grow and multiply, premium quality type-in traffic will continue to increase. At the same time, Advantage Media will begin to utilize effective no-cost and low-cost marketing using search engines and simple viral campaigns to amass additional quality traffic and increase usage of our sites.

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