A Few Things You Don’t Need on Your Website

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

As a website owner you’re probably constantly looking for new ways to improve your website and in most cases this means adding items to the site such improved navigation, social share buttons or content.  Most of the time we aren’t really thinking about what we should remove from our websites but there are some things that are really unnecessary yet many websites, hundreds of thousands of websites in fact, still have them.  Here’s a look at some things you do not need to have on your website.

Flash Animations: This is not to say that all websites should eliminate flash animations because there are many websites that benefit greatly from flash design.  However, some websites that include flash animations should just not have such animations.  The website visitor is there to find something in particular and if a flash animation doesn’t provide what the visitor is looking for then there’s a bug chance it shouldn’t be there.  Consider the importance of an animation and if it can be removed, try eliminating the flash for a period of time and see if lead conversions as well as time spent on the website improve.  If so—you just found out that the flash animations were completely unnecessary and in fact were harming lead conversions.

Complicated Industry Content: Top performing websites perform well because visitors come for information and believe that the information on a site is best in the industry.  If you litter your website with complicated industry jargon that doesn’t make sense to your customers then they may not ever come back for more.  Don’t assume that your customers understand all of the industry terminology that you use on a regular basis.  Instead of using industry terminology that may be difficult to understand, consider making your website content more readable for the average customer by using easier to understand terminology.

Picture Overload: This is not to say that your website doesn’t need pictures because pictures are vital to the visual appeal of the site however too many pictures can both slow the site down and deter the eye from what’s important in the site.  If you have too many pictures or images on your website and it’s taking too long to load then you could be hurting your rankings in the search engines.  Further, the reader may be distracted by too many images so it’s a good idea to eliminate images that are not necessary or that are not adequately related to the content.

Too Much Content: If your visitor comes to the site and has to read a lengthy report about a product or service there’s a chance that they will move on.  Users of the web are not interested in reading for hours at a time.  They want to find what they are looking for quickly and easily which means that you need to have content and text but not so much that it takes a long time to get what the end user is looking for.  Review your website and consider limiting pages to 500 words or less of content.  This assures that pages are more focused on a single topic.  If you have pages that are lengthy and include thousands of words, consider breaking them down into more focused pages of about 500 words each to keep the user around.

Need Help Making Important Website Changes?

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