5 Steps to Creating a Lead Generating Blog Post

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Not only does having a company blog increase your opportunity to be seen or found online, it’s also an excellent way to boost your visibility in the search engines and to generate quality business leads. But do you know what it takes to create lead generating blog posts?

You can write highly optimized lead generating blog posts by following 5 simple steps. After all, you don’t just want traffic coming into your company blog– you want targeted traffic and leads that convert into customers and sales. Here’s a look at what it takes to write a lead generating blog post for your company:

Start with a Catchy Title

The first and foremost step to attracting visitors to you blog post is to write a catchy title that will entice readers to come looking for more. Blog titles should be clear and concise as well as short (under 10 words). They must be catchy because they are the first impression for your visitor. Nobody is going to come to read the information if the title doesn’t catch their eye in the first place!

Adding Links to Increase Conversions

Once you have come up with a catchy title and you’ve got the reader to the post you can attempt to convert the visitor by adding in text links throughout the content. If you are selling a product, consider adding in text links that land the visitor on a page that offers a free sample of the product or promotes a special sale on the item. This is where readers begin to be converted into customers so pay close attention to the text links that you use and the landing pages that those links lead the visitor to.

Share It, Like It, Tweet It!

A lead generating blog post is only as effective as the number of times it is shared, liked or tweeted via social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. Make it easy for your visitors to share what they like about your blog and your company by adding social media buttons to the blog itself. A single blog post can generate thousands of leads just because it gets shared, liked and tweeted by visitors who appreciate what you have to say.

Make the Call to Action Clear

Don’t leave your visitors scrambling to determine what the purpose of the blog post is. If they are interested in what you have to say and they read the full post then chances are they are already ready to covert. Give them what they are looking for and ALWAYS ad a call to action at the end of the post. Make sure the call to action is clearly stated. This may be a link to the product offer, a contact form or any other offer related to the post.

Keep it Relevant

Most importantly, throughout your blogging you must always keep it relevant. Your blog should be relevant to the offers that you are providing. Once your reader is reading the blog they are already interested in the topic. Making sure that calls to action are relevant to the topic will help to generate many more targeted leads and will result in increased conversions. Make sure that the landing pages that you attract visitors to relate to the blog post that they started on.

Do You Have What it Takes to Write a Lead Generating Blog Post?

If you’re not sure you’ve got what it takes or you just don’t have the time, consider Advantage Media your lead generating solution. From landing page design to campaign development, Advantage Media has got what it takes to convert your visitors into highly targeted leads that result in increased conversions. Consider Advantage Media for your next blog post, landing page or total campaign development and watch your traffic begin converting into highly qualified leads!

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