5 Reasons to Start a Business Blog

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Often times business owners are asked the question, “Do you have a blog?” And all too often, these same business owners have no idea why they should start a blog or why people keep on asking them if they have a blog. There are actually many different reasons why a business blog is important to the success of your online presence but there are also many blogs that just take up space and don’t do much for a business simply because the business owner doesn’t know what to do with the blog. Here’s a look at why every online business should have a blog and what it can do to improve your business’s online presence.

Search Engine Love Content and People Love Lists

For the sake of the search engines, content is KING. Search engines love to see unique and new content being added to a site regularly and with the addition of such content the search engines are more likely to crawl a site regularly and index pages more often. The more relevant pages you can have on your blog that address the topics of your site the more likely the search engines will be to rank you for the specific keywords that are vital to driving traffic to your business website…and traffic is necessary for conversions.

For people, we like lists and a business blog is a great place to place a list. Whether it’s a list of the top products or services in your business, a list of your business’s best features or any type of list…people like lists. When writing content for your blog, remember that the search engines like to see keywords and quality, original content and people like to see interesting content that answers their questions.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

You could create a page on your business website to target each of your keywords but this would be very time consuming and could delay the official launch of your business website. Further, as new keyword ideas come into play it can be difficult to add them into an existing website structure…but not if you have a company blog. With a business blog you can strategically position blog posts to target new keywords as they arise and it’s easy to integrate new content on a business blog.

Every Business Needs a Voice

There’s no easier way to speak to your customers than in a business blog. Your company blog is the voice of your business online. It’s where you can answer common questions, update consumers on what’s happening in your business, announce upcoming events or service offerings and more. Your business has a personal voice online when you routinely update a company blog.

Industry Authority

Your business blog is the place where you can prove that you are an authority figure in your industry. Your business blog should be a go to resource for the industry. No matter what type of industry, a business blog can prove authority and provide consumers with a “trusted” place to seek information. This is a perfect way to increase your customer following and to begin building trust that can lead to lasting partnerships and conversions.

Social Media

A business blog is also a great place to tackle social media presence. There’s no easier way to update your social media profiles than to write a solid a targeted blog post and then update each social media profile with a link back to the blog. For a business blog, this can mean writing a product review and posting it on Twitter or Facebook, or writing a corporate review and posting it on Linkedin.

Advantage Media Business Blog Services

Advantage Media can effectively develop your business blog to align with your current website, or if your business does not have an existing website, ask Advantage Media about how they can design a complete business website with an integrated blog so that you can begin to leverage the benefits of blogging for business. Still not sure if you understand how to manage a business blog or what it takes to increase your online presence? Advantage Media also specializes in content development, SEO and SEM that can effectively build an online presence that will increase your business conversions.

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